Many men seek a Master, but few really are. The bars are full of "wanna be's" who read fantasy stories, dress up in leather, learn to belch, smoke cigars, chain someone up, piss on them, and call themselves a Master. Standing on someone else does not make anyone stand taller. It only reflects their need to control someone else to make themselves feel important, yet inside they feel inadequate. I hold a Leather Daddy title and I know the world of leather. I teach Mastery, and it is the most difficult and demanding of masteries. I teach the Mastery of Life. Your life. Most people lead lives of quiet desperation, living a marginal life on the periphery. Looking for something, but never finding it. Living the life of a "wanna be" but never having the courage to be more than they ever dreamed possible. I can lead you on a journey which will be the most difficult thing you've ever done, but you'll look back on the journey as the finest experience of your life, and you'll become the man you've always dreamed of being.

I am seeking a leather boy. Someone who wants to grow with me, and to build, not only a relationship but help each other fulfil their dreams, with summers in California and winters in Florida. I am a very dominant person, a Leo by sign.

I soar in the heavens with eagles and don't want to clutter up my life with leakers and losers who live in fear. The life I lead is the envy of most men. I am highly creative, full of energy and like to surround myself with people of the same caliber.

You may only be seeking a leather experience. I will seek and demand much more from you. This is no free ride. I will demand your best - physically, psychologically, and spiritually. This is an on going process and a place where you know you want to be.

I can be patient with your shortcomings, but lose patience with excuses and words like "I can't" and "yes but". If you're looking for someone to belch, smoke cigars and piss all over you - you'll have to look elsewhere. I'm not here to break your spirit, dreams or your fantasies. This family is here for you to grow and be all that you can be, and more than you ever dreamed of, wrapped in an environment of leather and all its trappings.

I like closeness, massage, intimacy, snuggling like two spoons nestled together; enfolding and being enfolded. I like romance, quiet evenings at home before the fire with wine, music and good food. I love people and take great delight in being around them, discovering who they are, and being the most loving human being I know how to be. I love camping, motorcycling, traveling, skiing, animals, sailing, hiking, dancing and music, from bluegrass to the symphony. I am an inventor, composer, author and artist. My talents sometimes frighten people and they feel they must compete with me. I do not seek their competition.

You will desire to share these areas and more with me. Like me, you will love leather, feel comfortable in jeans and boots as you do your chores, leather as we play, or a tuxedo at the symphony.

Like me, you are masculine in appearance, can take care of yourself and do not abuse alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. You are HIV negative, free of STD's, 20's-40's and believe in monogamy within the family.

Though I am strong, I am a very sensitive, sensuous, caring, loving man. I can give much in the fantasy world of the leather scene, and like to be pleased. I like my boy to keep my leathers clean. One who enjoys the way leather looks, smells, feels, tastes. I tell my boy what to do and he is eager to respond. Trust and integrity are the cornerstones for a relationship.  I seek a boy who is willing to trust me as we journey.

It takes a particularily strong man to consciously defer their will to mine. Not because they have to. Not because of fear. The boy I seek does this because it pleases me, and because it pleases me, they do it out of love for me as their "Leather Dad", and head of this leather family.

Currently, I am single and looking for that special leather/boot boy who shares my vision and wants to join me on life's journey..  My journey is still on the path of self discovery, pushing the limits and expanding the boundaries of my world and living my dreams.  My family now consists of myself and my yellow lab.


I hate labels being put on me.  I much more than a label, and so are you.  I am a Leo, seeking a boy who can stand  up to me and my roar.  Inside of every Daddy is a boy longing to let go of some of his responsibilities, run thru a field chasing butterflies, turn over rocks and find crawfish or snakes, skip a stone across a lake, and lie in the grass feeling the breeze on his cheeks, watch the clouds go bye, listen to the birds and dream of hearing a voice say, "Don't worry Dad . . I'll take care of that".   Power comes in sharing, building and traveling a journey together . . not in owning.

If you are still interested, you will respond with a synopsis of who you are and your dreams of who you want to be, and what qualities you can bring into this leather family that will enhance lifes with your presence. Everything you seek is here, and more.

I demand a lot from those around me, but I give a lot in return. If I choose to be your mentor, this will require a lot of dedication, sacrifice and committment from you.

Is this what you seek?

Send resume' and your GIF via e-mail; or resume' and photo to SIR, PO Box 1616, Guerneville, Ca 95446.

Whatever your decision, live your dreams, for they are what makes life and the journey exciting and worthwhile.

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