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I live in a place where where dreams are born and eagles soar, living a life that many envy but fear to fly by my side. I choose to go where most men only dream of. I believe strongly in my dreams and make make them my reality, living my life fully. I don't want to miss a moment.

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Thanks for stopping by.   Explore and enjoy.  These sites are an interesting way to meet people. If you like who you see and what you read, perhaps our paths will cross. Remember, your curiosity opened this file. Careful what you wish for. Dreams do come true for those who believe in them.


My Homes

- I spend my summers in Guerneville, California (Russian River) and winters in Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers and South Beach, Florida.

My Work

- Free Spirit, philosopher, friend, composer, writer, dreamer, musician, and more.  You're hearing "I'm Dreaming of You" . . More of my songs will be found linked below by clicking on   "My Work and My Music" in MP3 format.  Enjoy.

My Hobbies

- Traveling, camping, skiing, sailing, music (from country western to Opera) composing music (midi and all it entails), writing, dancing, people, and more.


- An important part of my world. I am proud to hold a Leather Daddy title (Mr. Arizona Leather Daddy 1988). However, I am much more than a title. It's importance is a symbol of achieving a dream. Life is a dream to be lived - with or without symbols.


"This above all else . . To thine own self be true. Thou can'st not then be false to no man" - W. Shakespere

"Most men lead lives of quiet desparation" - Thoreau

"Be Still and hear the Quiet Voice Within" - Unknown

"It is not that I fear death so much, but to approach that end and discover I have not yet lived." - Unknown

"Fences are for keeping cows and frightened people enclosed. I choose to live in a world without fences, - - expanding my boundaries to the limits of my dreams. As the dream dies, so dies the man" - Leather Daddy

Goals and Philosophy

- I seek to surround myself with men who think and believe as I. Those who want to live their dreams - - to be challenged, grow and be all they can be - Physically, Psychologically, and Spiritually.

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